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Wanda Nowicka



Wanda Hanna Nowicka is a Polish politician and activist who served as the Deputy Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland from 8 November 2011 to 11 November 2015. Born in Lublin, she attended the University of Warsaw, graduating with a degree in classical philology, and worked as a teacher of Latin and English from 1985 to 1993. In 1990, Nowicka co-founded Neutrum, the Association for State Neutrality, an organization focused on the separation of church and state in Polish politics.[1] She was also one of the founders of the Federation for Women and Family Planning in 1992, a non-governmental organization that combined Neutrum and four other organizations. In 2003, Nowicka invited Women on Waves to Poland; their ship, the Langenort, arrived for two days to provide abortions for those in the first trimester of pregnancy; this move caused some protest from the League of Polish Families.[2]

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