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Rouzbeh Arghavan



Rouzbeh Arghavan Mashhad, a national basketball player of Iran with a height of 214 cm, who is present in the national team and his professional sport He started with the national youth team. He is the second tallest player of Iran's national basketball team, who plays in basketball at central post. In 2004, he entered the Iranian youth national basketball team, according to experts, he has an amazing combination of strength and speed, which makes him play a key role in 4 or 5 positions. be In addition to excellent attacks, he is a top defensive player who shows good defenses and rebounds. He can create problems for other teams with his quick attacks and also returning to the defense. He has also gained experience in World Cup 2014 and Incheon Asian Games. Before basketball, he was a skilled swimmer who turned to basketball because of his physique A player who has experienced participating in the teams of Abu Muslim Mashhad, Azad University and Petrochemical and was able to perform in his first experience in the Asian Nations Cup. To be satisfied, Arghvan is a very capable player who completed his bachelor's and master's degrees at Tehran University. He is a moral player.

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