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consilium principis

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The Consilium Principis had a foundation in imperial Roman government until the time of Emperor Diocletian . Augustus throughout his reign took the legislative control from the Senate and placed it under his auspices. However it was the creation of this new body that stood to make the Senate a second tier legislative body, as fundamentally the Consilium Principis controlled the bills put forward to the Senate. Therefore, the Senate, the most important administration of the Roman Republic, remained in name only. Scullard states, "But though in practice the senate increasingly developed into an active legislative assembly, the initiative and advice behind its activity may often have come from the emperor." Whilst the Senate grew in prestige with 3 censuses to reduce its membership in 28BC, 18BC and 11BC and similarly with the imposition of its membership with the requirement that senators be worth 1 million sesterces, Augustus increasingly had the foremost role in the Roman state. The consilium principis comprised Augustus, the consuls and 15 senators with lower ranking members rotating out of the body every six months, however, owing to Augustus' auctoritas and him being princeps the body fell under his auspices. Scullard reinforces this notion saying "In one important way he made the Senate more efficient and at the same time, more amenable to his own wishes: he established a senatorial standing committee."

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