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Bibi Blocksberg

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Bibi Blocksberg is a German audio drama series for children, created in 1980 by Elfie Donnelly. The main character is a girl called Bibi Blocksberg, who is a witch. As of winter 2009, there have been 95 episodes. The title of the series was Eene meene Hexerei. This title was used for the first seven episodes, after which the series was renamed to Bibi Blocksberg. The first episodes were later released under the new title and with a new cover. The old episodes are very sought after among collectors. The length of the episodes originally varied between 35 and 40 minutes and nowadays between 40 and 45 minutes. An exception is episode #78 with a length of 52 minutes. Bibi's popularity during this era led to her becoming the official mascot of Kiddinx.

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