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Mika Luttinen



Mika Kristian Luttinen is a Finnish vocalist who formed the black metal band Impaled Nazarene in 1990. After numerous line-up changes, he remains the only original member. Besides his main project, Mika has been involved in various other bands around the globe, such as the Canadian metal band Obscene Eulogy and the French black punk band, The Rocking Dildos which was formed by owner of the French label Osmose Productions, Hervé and himself. While in Impaled Nazarene, he was also involved with the band, Diabolos Rising , together with then Rotting Christ keyboard player, Magus Wampyr Daoloth. Luttinen has made notable guest appearances in many bands, such as The Crown, Hypnos, Ancient Rites (Ancient Rites singer Gunther Theys was also Mika's best man at the latter's wedding.[1] Mika has stated that his songwriting is influenced by many early thrash metal bands, such as Sodom and Kreator.[2] Elements of Motörhead's music are also incorporated into his work, such that an Impaled Nazarene single was named Motörpenis.

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